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    Does anyone want to buy my motorcycle? (Discount for the homies)


    2002 Yamaha VStar 650 Classic in great condition with the odometer at 30,700miles. I recently had full maintenance (oil, fluids, valve adjustments, etc.) done at San Jose Yamaha. The tires are in great condition and the battery is less than a year old. Matching aftermarket Corbin seat allowed me to cruise 250+ miles in one day, riding 2-up. Heated grips are great and I use them almost every time I ride. This bike has always been reliable to me and I hope to leave it in good hands. Sending me an email would be the most convenient way to contact me. Thanks for your interest!

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    From our camping trip to Sequoia National Park, on the drive to visit the world’s largest tree.

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    Me lifting a rock.

    Me lifting a rock.

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    Howland Hill Road -Crescent City, California

    As always, no audio so y’all can jam out to yourselves.

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    Avenue of the Giants

    Hooray! I’ve figured out how to upload a decent time lapse. I will probably be doing this more often.

    There’s no audio, so you can listen to your own tunes.

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    Lost Coast Scenic Drive

    I’m getting better at this time-lapse thing.

    I don’t put music in my videos because you should already be playing music while surfing the interwebs.

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    Lost Coast Scenic Drive

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    Gold Bluff Beach and Fern Canyon

    Roosevelt Elk Spotting! (look closely to spot a wild photographer as well)

    The waterfall in Fern Canyon still blows my mind.

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    Crescent City, California

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